Why Ms. Kilby's?

Ms. Kilby’s Video Conservatory For Girls helps female entrepreneurs build 6 & 7 figure businesses through authentic video campaigns that drive the perfect clients.

But why us?


Think of us as one of the girls you went to high school with. The girl who never belonged to any one click. The girl who didn't  join any clubs. The girl who was kind but also tough. The girl who was a little bit of a rebel. She might even be known to smoke behind the gym on occasion. She never wore her uniform according to the school code. She broke the rules when it made sense, especially when it would help her mates. People wanted to be around her. She had a sense of mischief and made the word ‘fuck’ sound elegant. She made you feel safe, yet inspired you to take a risk. She was the most authentic person you had ever met. To this day, she left a mark on you.


What ever happened to that girl, anyway?  


Well, no one really knows, but that smart rebel spirit is embodied in us and is reflected in the results we get our sister entrepreneurs every day. 


Does this sound like you?


  • You're tired of struggling to take your business to the next level?

  • You have an amazing idea but don't even know where to begin or how to launch it?

  • You dream of having a thriving business that allows you to work from anywhere you want, on your own time.

Who we help and what you get:


1. For women just starting out


  • We take you from being terrified of being on camera to being able to make irresistible video content that drives ‘right-fit’ clients

  • We help you quit your day job by driving early revenue

  • We give you a step-by-step process that gives you control and predictability over your income doing the one thing you’ve always wanted to be known for


2. The woman whose business has plateaued


  • We help you re-brand your business and get it to a place where it feels rejuvenated and enticing to your prospective clients

  • We teach you how to get your business out in front of the world with a renewed sense of confidence and purpose 



There are 3 ways to work with us:


  1. The 2-Hour-Launch: We hop on a video call together, dive into where you are and where you want to go and then deliver a step-by-step action plan for launching your business

  2. We-Teach-You-How: Through our 1:1 training, we teach you how to build your business proprietary

  3. Done-For-You: We build your 6-figure launch video campaign through targeted, highly accurate audience mapping and create the best damn video for you and your business you've ever seen

Our Team

Callahan Carr

Co-Founder/ Strategist and Producer

Alex Lemay

Co-Founder/ Creative Director

Megan Nager

Co-Founder/ Social Media Strategist 

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